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Army Medical Center of Excellence.

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I am in the 68C course now and am about to graduate, ao if you have any questions about the course, let me know.

Sam, and then there are 5 different random rotation, for 40 weeks that are cycled through that you COULD get sent to depending on slots and availability.

Towards the end of phase 1 AIT we went to the obstacle course and. .

If you have any. I have done some research but have not been able to find out whether or not 68V’s get their (RRT) or (CRT) at the end of AIT.

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. . S. 68C Phase 2 AIT. As a 68C, I have been to Walter Reed, Madigan hospital in Lewis, and Korea. You'll also train other Soldiers in lifesaver/first.


They are able to pick their phase II location based on OML. This is a duplicate discussion and the contents have been merged with the.


It is about 75% hands-on training and 25% classroom work.


Dec 26, 2015 · You have a few options: 1- Ask your platoon sergeant.

The proponent of this regulation is the TRADOC Deputy Commanding General–Initial Military Training (DCG-IMT), 210 Dillon Circle, Fort Eustis,.